The Story – May 7, 2019: Michael Buble

From the desk of Don Merrill:

So, today I promised to reveal why Amy Foster has any importance to this story.  In the video (below) Michael dedicates his next song to his “future wife” Amy Foster, David Foster’s daughter.  No, they never did get married but this is a great opportunity to transition to hear the song Michael wrote and the song Blake Shelton made famous:  “Home:”

I am not a big Michael Buble fan, but apparently some of you are.  And Michael Buble’s career and rise to stardom should give hope to everyone with a dream.  Go here and read his story:

And, if you do, read it from the perspective of how on earth did this child from Burnaby, British Columbia go on to become a super star?

You will note that David Foster figured into Michael’s life a long time before he was a star.  And, if it hadn’t been for an amazing stroke of luck and a lot of hard work, Buble might still be wishing he had been a better hockey player.

Want to attend one of his concerts?  Here is where he wil be, get your tickets now:  Micheal Buble tour dates.

This story was never supposed to be about David Foster, but everywhere I look, every singing super star has David Foster’s name in their resume.

Tomorrow we will revisit a moment in time that moved every heart in the world….you don’t want to miss this.

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