The Story – May 24, 2019: The Starlink Project

From the desk of Don Merrill:

Did you catch the Starlink launch last nght?  If not, no problem, I have it here for you on video.  Starlink is a satellite development project underway by American company SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk. 

The goal of the Starlink project is to eventually place 12,000 satellites (built by SpaceX) into space to meet what Elon Musk says is a ‘significant unmet demand for low-cost global broadband capabilities.’  SpaceX intends to provide broadband internet connectivity to underserved areas of the planet, as well as provide competitively-priced service to urban areas.

A Falcon 9 rocket (also built by SpaceX) carrying the first 60 satellites launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida last night (5/23/19) at 10:30 PM.  Below is the video of the launch.  There is a lot of good information about SapceX, Starlink project, and the Falcon 9 in the first few minutes prior to the actual launch.  If you want to jump ahead, the actual launch occurs at 13 minutes and 58 seconds into the video.

They hope to have the entire 12,000 staellite buildout completed by the mid 2020’s but they claim they could start initial commercial operations as early as next year.

Here is a link to a more detailed write up about the Starlink project.

Here is a link to an informative article about SpaceX, the company behind this.

And, as a bonus, here is a link that describes their plans to one day colonize Mars!

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