The Right Way To Sell On YouTube

My goal in my videos is to share information that I think will help other network marketers grow their online business bigger and faster.  This tip isn’t directly from me but I think you are going to love it.

Two days ago I ran across an outstanding video by a fellow named Tim Schmoyer who runs a YouTube channel called Video Creators.  He has almost a half million subscribers so I guess he puts out pretty good stuff.

Recently he published a video called “How to Sell on YouTube Without Killing Your Channel” and it is fantastic!  In it he starts off by saying that if you do nothing but put out videos that try to sell, sell, sell, your channel won’t grow, you won’t get many subscribers, and you won’t make much money.

But then he goes on to explain the three types of videos he uses (and we should use) to grow his channel, get a lot of subscribers, and make more  money online.

I strongly recommend that you click here now to watch this excellent video and while you are there you may want to subscribe to Tim’s channel to see his future videos.

Here s the link to Tim’s video:

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