Are You Building an Email List?


If you are not building an email list then you probably will never be successful with internet marketing.  You have heard this before, right?

If you do any research at all into the subject of successful network marketing everyone tells you that you have to build a list, right?

Then why aren’t you building a list, developing relationships with your list, and marketing to your list?

Probably because that sounds too much like work?

What most people are looking for is a program that will make them rich, quickly, and with no effort. ......(Read more)

How To Build A Network Marketing Business Quickly


Just remember, when we talk about “building a network marketing business “quickly,” the term quickly is relative to how you define quickly.

Building any business, online or offline, takes having a plan and working that plan over an extended period of time.

But, in this post I am going to explain the “quickest” way I know of to build your network marketing business.

Most people are drawn to network marketing because they can build a business without investing a lot of money. ......(Read more)

Communication Skills for Network Marketers


In a previous blog post I suggested that the quickest way to success in Network Marketing is to seek out conversations and develop relationships with other online marketers.

How you communicate with those people you connect with is super important and is the subject of this post.

Communication Rule #1:

Ask good questions, then shut up and listen!  Really listen to what they say.  You will learn everything you want to know.

There are two groups of questions you should focus on when talking to another network marketer: ......(Read more)

Getting Ready For Network Marketing – Tools & Setup


Before you can start firing up your Network Marketing Money Machine there are several tools you will want to acquire and setup. This article will discuss the tools you will need:

A Domain Name
Website Hosting
A Website
Youtube Account
Social Media Accounts
Lead Magnet(s)
Squeeze Page(s)
Autoresponder Software
Link Tracking

A Domain Name

First of all you need to purchase a domain name. A domain name is  simply a web address, like: or

A domain name can cost anywhere from $1.00 (first year only) on up but the average cost I pay is around $15/year. Be sure to understand the renewal cost for your domain name because they can be more expensive to renew than the cost of the first year fee. ......(Read more)

Network Marketing – How I Do That


I am frequently asked the question:  “What do you do?”  My standard answer for a long time was:  “I am a Network Marketer.  I sell things online.”

More recently I have had to find a way to communicate that answer in a better, more complete manner because Network Marketing is a highly complex topic.

What I really do is:

Content Marketing
Video Marketing
Blog Marketing
Social Media Marketing
List Building
Email Marketing, and
Relationship Marketing

That sounds like a lot, and it is.  But, I would like to explain how the above mentioned components fit together nicely into a “system” that every Network Marketer should be using to build/grow any online business they choose. ......(Read more)

Save Money On The Network Marketing Tools You Need To Use


Hi. My name is Don Merrill and I am a network marketer just like you.

Let me ask you a quick question. How much are you currently spending on the tools you use to market your online business?

For example, how much are you paying for web hosting?

Or for a professional autoresponder?   Or link trackers?

I was paying $12.50/month for web hosting, $18.75/month for an autoresponder, and I didn’t have link tracking. Over $31 every month.

Now I pay $11.50 per month for these tools and a lot more. ......(Read more)

Network Marketing Success Tip #6 – Top Network Marketing Do’s & Don’ts


Things You Definitely Should Do:

1. Plan to work on your business for at least 2 to 5 years.
Building a business is a marathon not a sprint.

2.  Find a product or service that you are passionate about.

3.  Find a great mentor who knows what they are doing.

4.  Study marketing and lead generation.

5.  Work on personal development and communication skills.

6.  Build a list!

7.  Focus on helping other people get what they want.

8. Set short term, medium and long term written goals.

9. Think positive and learn from your mistakes. ......(Read more)

Network Marketing Success Tip #5  –  Define A Daily Action Plan


So far in this series we have covered a number of Tips for Network Marketing success:

  • Today’s we will look at why you need a Daily Action Plan.

    I have weekly, monthly and annual goals for my business.  I use my daily action plan to help me stay on track to achieve those short, medium, & long term goals.

    My primary goal is to reach a specific, higher level of income in 2019.  To reach that level of income I know that I have to refer a certain number of new affiliates during the year.  To achieve that goal, I know I have to refer a certain number of new affiliates each month through my own efforts or through the efforts of my downline team members. ......(Read more)