The Story – May 22, 2019: The Voice & Maelyn Jarmon

From the desk of Don Merrill:

Well, Maelyn Jarmon won The Voice championship last night.  She was not my first choice but I guess a lot of people disagreed with me.  I do agree that she sings beautifully.  Here was her last solo performance Monday night singing  Lenard Cohen’s “Hallelujah:”

Beautiful, right?  And, then last night she sang “Angel” with Sarah McLachlan:

And, just in case you mised it, here is the video of Taylor Swift performing “Me!” (featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco): ......(Read more)

Can I Tell You A Story?

From the desk of Don Merrill:

Today I would like to tell you a story.

This is part 1 of N.  For those of you who are not mathematically inclined, “N is an unspecified number or variable, usually an integer.”

By that I mean, I am not sure how many parts this story will have.

So, let’s get started….the story starts here:

If you have seen this video before, please do enjoy it again…

If you have not seen this video before, please strap yourselves in…..we are about to take off…and you are going to love this video: ......(Read more)