Network Marketing Success Tip #1 – Set Realistic Expectations


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This may be the most important tip that you and I (and you and your downline) ever discuss.  Too many people jump from one business to another looking for “the one that works.”

This jumping from one program to another is directly related to them having the unrealistic expectation that all they have to do is run a few ads for their wonderful program, that everyone will see their ad and “get it,” and swarms of people will quickly join them in their business.

I have some bad news for them – it don’t work that way.  When we are building a business we can’t expect the business to work!  We have to do the work.  WE have to MAKE the business work.  And we know that is going to be harder than we think it will and it will take much longer than we hope it will.

Why do I say that? How many people do you think are out there right now that are desperately looking for a decent online program to join?  Very few, right?  Most of the people involved in network marketing think they are already in the best opportunity since sliced bread.  They want you to join their business, and they are frustrated that you (and everyone else) won’t.

My primary marketing tactics are blogging & video marketing.  Let’s say that you want to start doing video marketing.  Well, if you expected that you could create 2 or 3 videos, upload them to YouTube, then run down to the bank and wait for the money truck to arrive, you would be terribly disappointed?  Maybe those first few videos will get results and maybe they won’t.  You never know.  But, I do know that if you were to crank out 2 or 3 videos a week, for a year, eventually some of those videos will produce results you want.

I also know that you don’t need hundreds of people to join your business….. you only need a few really serious people who are willing to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to be very successful.

When you are marketing for new prospects, you may have to drop 100’s leads into your marketing funnel to get 1 new member or customer to drop out of the funnel and in to your team.  How long do you think it will take you to get 1,00’s of leads into your funnel?  When you are starting out, it will take much longer than you want it to.

This is a relationship business.  People do business with people they know, like and trust.  It takes time and effort to build trusting relationships with other people.  Engagement is the key to building long term, trusting relationships with others.

And, guess what…..there is another funnel you have to worry about.  Let’s say you feed enough leads into your “prospecting” funnel and you get a new member(s) to join your business.  You’ve probably done this before, so how many of those new members actually do anything?

And of those who do some work, how many of them keep doing it after the initial excitement wears off?  You told them your system would do all the selling and all they had to do was send traffic to your sales page.  Well, they have been sending (Traffic Exchange) traffic to the sales page for four weeks and nothing has happened!  Wait…..I just saw a new shiny object!  That really looks like it will work!!

And they are gone….

Just like your prospecting funnel, you have to put a bunch of new team members into your “take action” funnel to get just a few really serious people on your team.  And you really don’t need more than a few serious people on your team to win at this game.

Set realistic expectations.  Define your yearly (long term) goal(s) and break it down into monthly, weekly, and even daily action plans.   It is great to have big long term goals but they need to be broken down into bite size pieces.

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Writing this post or making this video was part of my daily action plan for today.  Will this particular post get results?  I don’t know yet, but I do know that if I keep doing blog posts and videos, a few each week, and promoting them online, over time, eventually I will get the results I am looking for.

Anticipate that you will confront many frustrating moments…..we all do…..almost daily.  Consider each challenge (frustration) as a learning opportunity.  For example:  let’s say I produce a video that gets no views.  I can be disappointed but I also need to acknowledge that “it wasn’t that my video failed me.  I produced a video that attracted no views.  So, I need to keep trying and keep learning so I can produce more effective videos in the future.”

Building a business is a marathon, not a sprint.  There are no shortcuts to success.  You need to have a 1 to 3 year perspective for building your business.  Then, you have to do the work and do the learning until you finally reach a point that you would call success.  Then it’s funny, but once you reach your first medium or long term goal you will usually have several more, even longer term goals, waiting in the wings.

That’s it for this post.  I hope this gave you some thoughts and ideas that will help you grow your business in the future.

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