The Story – May 9, 2019: The Day The Earth Stood Still

From the desk of Don Merrill:

Actually, in my lifetime there were three moments where time seemed to come to a complete stop:

1.  11/22/1963 – the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

2.  9/11/2001 – the suicide attacks against the World Trade Center.

3.  12/14/2002 – the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre.

Depending on who you are and where you were you may have other dates that are more important to you.  I know many, many people will list 4/4/1968, the day Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, TN. ......(Read more)

The Story – May 8, 2019: This Is Not Possible

Last night I finished writing the segment I intended to publish today.  But, as luck would have it, the Barr “contempt” proceedings got the better of me.

I stopped watching the 24-hour “news” networks a few years ago because they got too ridiculous.  But, my wife still believes these peple have our best interests at heart, so the junk news continues for me in the background.

I am fairly successful at ignoring the background noise but the stunt the Democrates pulled off today was way too enticing to ignore.  But, what I want to share with you today has nothing to do with Barr…..or even Trump! ......(Read more)

The Story – May 7, 2019: Michael Buble

From the desk of Don Merrill:

So, today I promised to reveal why Amy Foster has any importance to this story.  In the video (below) Michael dedicates his next song to his “future wife” Amy Foster, David Foster’s daughter.  No, they never did get married but this is a great opportunity to transition to hear the song Michael wrote and the song Blake Shelton made famous:  “Home:”

I am not a big Michael Buble fan, but apparently some of you are.  And Michael Buble’s career and rise to stardom should give hope to everyone with a dream.  Go here and read his story: ......(Read more)

The Story – May 6, 2019: Whitney Houston

From the desk of Don Merrill:

Did you enjoy the Charice video yesterday?  It’s one of my favorites.  If you missed it, here it is:

But, did you notice who was playing the piano during the Oprah segment?

His name is David Foster and he is quite famous in his own right.

He was also the handsome young man pictured in yesterday’s post.

He doesn’t look like that any more….  Here is how he looks today.

He was born November 1, 1949….10 months after I was born. ......(Read more)

Can I Tell You A Story?

From the desk of Don Merrill:

Today I would like to tell you a story.

This is part 1 of N.  For those of you who are not mathematically inclined, “N is an unspecified number or variable, usually an integer.”

By that I mean, I am not sure how many parts this story will have.

So, let’s get started….the story starts here:

If you have seen this video before, please do enjoy it again…

If you have not seen this video before, please strap yourselves in…..we are about to take off…and you are going to love this video: ......(Read more)

What Is The Next Big Marketing Shift? Maybe the Flywheel Model

From the desk of:

Are you sick and tired of hearing about sales funnels?  Well, the next big shift might be something called Flywheels.

Sales funnels work but they focus on obtaining new customers in a particular way.  They use this technique:

A.  Blast ads out until a new customer signs up.

B.  Offer each new customer more & more products/services until you bleed them dry.

That’s one way to grow a business.

The Flywheel concept focuses more on finding way to allow customers to help you grow your business (for you). ......(Read more)

April 13, 2019 – It’s Peach Cobbler Day!

From the desk of:

In the good old USA we are absolutely obsessed with celebrating things on certain days of the year.  Every day is some sort of national “this” day or national “that” day.  I used to think that we have far too many useless national observances in this country.

But, since I now sell greeting cards, and I want my customers sending as many cards as possible, I have now completely bought into these myriad holidays, and I say “the more the better!” ......(Read more)

How To Do Keyword Research

From the desk of:

How To Do Keyword Research

One of the best answers used to be using the Google Keyword Tool.  I thought that tool had gone away but it is still available but it is closely tied to an active Adwords campaign.  I don’t know if the campaign needs to be funded or not.  It is just way too much trouble for the average network marketer to bother with.  If you want to use it login here:

There is  a Youtube keyword research tool, Youtube is now the second largest search engine on the planet, and you can find that tool here: ......(Read more)

How To Get 100 Leads On Facebook In One Day

How To Get 100 Leads On Facebook In One Day

You may argue with her definition of a lead but there are a couple of valuable take away’s from this video:

Points to ponder:

A.  There is a unlimited number of “prospects” available on Facebook.

B.  A Facebook “friend” cannot be considered a lead or a prospect if you have not reached out and started a conversation with them.

C.  Please do NOT projectile vomit your opportunity all over everyone you meet.  For info about how to effectively communicate with other network marketers read my article:  Communication Skills For Network Marketers ......(Read more)