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I am frequently asked the question:  “What do you do?”  My standard answer for a long time was:  “I am a Network Marketer.  I sell things online.”

More recently I have had to find a way to communicate that answer in a better, more complete manner because Network Marketing is a highly complex topic.

What I really do is:

Content Marketing
Video Marketing
Blog Marketing
Social Media Marketing
List Building
Email Marketing, and
Relationship Marketing

That sounds like a lot, and it is.  But, I would like to explain how the above mentioned components fit together nicely into a “system” that every Network Marketer should be using to build/grow any online business they choose.

First and foremost I do Content Marketing and there is a strong message in that terminology.  I DO NOT spend the bulk of my time trying to sell, sell, sell to a bunch of people who do not know me or trust me…..that is a losing battle.

My overall goal is to share valuable information with any Network Marketers to help them increase their chances for success.  And, part of my reasons for sharing useful information is to provide a training mechanism for the people who join my marketing team.

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly do offer products and services that provide me a recurring monthly income.  But, my primary goal is to share valuable information with anyone who cares to avail themselves of if.

For example, I offer a free ebook entitled “The $10K Blueprint” that explains the overall process of building an online business up to $10K per month as quickly as possible.   This ebook helps me build my list and it provides an excellent overview of the internet marketing process but doesn’t go into much detail on each topic.  That is why I am writing this series of articles/blog posts… provide the missing level of detail.

And, periodically I offer links to My Favorite Online Business but the primary purpose of everything I do is to educate and entertain people in order to build the know, like, and trust factor.

I use Blogging and Video marketing as my primary means of sharing content.  And I know my blog posts and videos will go no where unless I promote them so I share links to my content blogs and videos on Social Media to entice people to read or watch them.

A strong secondary intent of my Social Media marketing efforts is to build a list of people who read my content, like it, and want to receive more content from me.  So, every blog post and video has a subscribe link so people will be automatically notified whenever I post new content online.

When someone subscribes to my blog they receive a weekly newsletter called “Network Marketing With Don” where I list any new blog posts I have published during the week plus any other information I feel will be of use to Internet Marketers.  Check it out for yourself:

Then, as I get more and more subscribers, and I publish more and more content (Email Marketing) some of those people will get to know me, like me, and trust me.  Gaining this know, like, and trust factor (Relationship Marketing) is the key ingredient in building a successful online business.

So, my overall strategy is to publish content that is valuable to anybody who wants to build any online business.

My secondary strategy is to offer people an automated way to receive all the content I publish and to increase the know, like, and trust factor…..over time.

My third strategy is to brand myself as a knowledgeable mentor or upline sponsor who can help you make even more money online.

My fourth strategy is to offer paid services that provide me (and my team)  recurring monthly  income, but in a very subtle, non-salesy way.

As I am sure you have surmised, this is not a “get rich quick” kind of thing.  Building a successful, long term business takes considerable effort over an extended period of time.  And, if you have an advertising budget things will go much faster than if you only use free advertising methods.

I have already produced what I call my “foundation” blog posts.  These are six articles that lay a strong mindset foundation for building your online business.  Those articles are here:

Network Marketing Success Tip #1 - Set Realistic Expectations

Marketing Success Tip #2 - Find A Great Mentor

Network Marketing Success Tip #3 - Become A Master Marketer

Network Marketing Success Tip #4 - Define Your Network Marketing Strategy

Network Marketing Success Tip #5 – Define Your Daily Action Plan

Network Marketing Success Tip #6 - Top Network Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

In future blog posts and videos I will delve into the many free and paid ways to market your business.  These articles follow my basic strategy as described above but will provide much more specific detail for each topic.

The next article in this series is:  Getting Ready For Marketing Your Business Online.

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