How To Do Keyword Research

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How To Do Keyword Research

One of the best answers used to be using the Google Keyword Tool.  I thought that tool had gone away but it is still available but it is closely tied to an active Adwords campaign.  I don’t know if the campaign needs to be funded or not.  It is just way too much trouble for the average network marketer to bother with.  If you want to use it login here:

There is  a Youtube keyword research tool, Youtube is now the second largest search engine on the planet, and you can find that tool here:

Unfortunately if you want any information other than suggested keywords you have to pay a stiff monthly fee.

But, in the video below the author (I don’t know his name) identifies two additional, FREE keyword research tools that provide a ton of data beyond additional keyword ideas.

Watch the video then see my notes below the video.  The good stuff starts around 5:30 into the video:

I had never heard of Keywords Everywhere.  I have installed it and I love it!

I have been using Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest for months and I love that tool too!

I do disagree that Ubersuggest doesn’t provide a useful set of additional  keyword ideas.  He was looking at the overview screen which only lists a few of the keyword ideas.  If you click on the “View All Keyword Ideas” button below the partial list you get many, many more alternative keyword ideas.

I will leave it to you to play around with these two keyword tools and decide which you prefer.  I don’t see how you can go wrong with either one.

Remember, if you try to rank for the most popular keywords you will get beaten up by the big advertisers.  I would try to stay with keywords that get 50 to 500 searches per month.  And, remember that it takes time to get ranked in the search engines.

In the meantime you should definitely be promoting your videos or blog posts on social media sites to get traffic to your posts.

Here is a link to Neil Patel’s Youtube channel:

And here is a link to the video author’s Youtube channel:

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