How To Build A Network Marketing Business Quickly


Just remember, when we talk about “building a network marketing business “quickly,” the term quickly is relative to how you define quickly.

Building any business, online or offline, takes having a plan and working that plan over an extended period of time.

But, in this post I am going to explain the “quickest” way I know of to build your network marketing business.

Most people are drawn to network marketing because they can build a business without investing a lot of money.

This is true but, you need to understand that all of the “free” marketing methods are very time consuming and they are extremely slow to respond.

And, most people expect they can build their business using only passive marketing methods.  That is possible, but, passive marketing methods are extremely slow as well. Eventually, if you want to be successful faster, you will want to adopt a more “active” marketing strategy.

Passive marketing methods are things like: advertising in traffic exchanges and safelists, writing articles and blog posts, making videos and hoping to get them ranked in Google and Youtube, etc.

Here is a link to a blog post I wrote that describes the various passive marketing methods I use.

Active marketing is basically finding people who are in your target market and communicating directly with them.  How can you do that?

Facebook is riddled with people trying to promote their network marketing programs.  Another alternative is  This social platform is all about network marketers communicating with each other online.

Here is how to do that in Facebook:

A.  Open to your timeline

B.  In the Facebook search bar type Network Marketing or any other term).

C.  Across the top of your screen click on “Groups.”

This will give you a lot of Network Marketing (or other) groups you can join.  You have to join the group(s) to do this.

Once you have been accepted into the group, visit that group.

On the left side menu click on “Members.”  This will give you a long list of current members of that group.  Now all you have to do is send them Friend requests.

Of those who accept your Friend request, send them a direct message inviting them to get together online and share information.

Learning to effectively communicate with people in your target market is a science in itself. Basically the goal is to talk less:  ask good questions, then shut up and listen to their answers.

If you get people talking, they will eventually tell you everything you want to know. When they tell you they have a need for your product or service, simply give them a link and let them visit.

By the same token, if they tell you they do not need your business or service, you can politely back out of the conversation and move on.

What kinds of questions should you be asking?  For that answer check out my recent blog post:  “Communications Skills for Network Marketers

Active marketing will help you grow your business as quickly as possible but, you still need to plan on it taking longer than you would like to build a thriving network marketing business.

I sell the marketing tools that every marketer needs to effectively build their business at a price that will save almost everyone money.

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