Getting Ready For Network Marketing – Tools & Setup


Before you can start firing up your Network Marketing Money Machine there are several tools you will want to acquire and setup. This article will discuss the tools you will need:

A Domain Name
Website Hosting
A Website
Youtube Account
Social Media Accounts
Lead Magnet(s)
Squeeze Page(s)
Autoresponder Software
Link Tracking

A Domain Name

First of all you need to purchase a domain name. A domain name is  simply a web address, like: or

A domain name can cost anywhere from $1.00 (first year only) on up but the average cost I pay is around $15/year. Be sure to understand the renewal cost for your domain name because they can be more expensive to renew than the cost of the first year fee.

There are literally hundreds of companies that can sell you a domain name, however two of the best are and I and most of the people I know use one of these two companies.

Here is an excellent article that compares the two companies:

That article may be a bit dated so you may find prices a bit higher now but the bulk of the article is quite good. I use not for any particular reason, it’s just what I have always used. I don’t think you can go wrong with either company.

Here is a link to that explains everything you would want to know about domain names:

If you still have questions please feel free to contact me and I will try to help.  My contact details are at the top and bottom of this blog post.

Note: there are ways to get free website hosting and websites but the system I teach requires each marketer to get their own website and hosting. Free hosting and website just do not provide the features I teach people to use.

Website Hosting

Your domain name is the address where your website is being hosted. Your website needs to be hosted by a “server” (computer) that has direct access to the internet.  You cannot do this on your home computer.

There are literally hundreds of companies that can host your website and fees vary but I would say this will cost your between $10 and $15/month.

One of the best web hosting companies is and they are an excellent company with wonderful support. I used HostGator for years (I don’t anymore) and when I stopped using them I was paying $12.50/month
for their “baby” hosting package.

Then I came across a company called All In One Profits which is  the backbone of my online business now.  They not only provide website hosting but they provide several other of the tools you will need to emulate the marketing system I am proposing. They charge a low monthly fee of $11.50 for all the tools they offer and they have an excellent referral/compensation plan.

A Website/Blog

My system suggests that you primarily use your website as a blogging platform.

One of the best known and cheapest (free) blogging alternatives is

There is much to learn/know about WordPress but the basic steps are these:

1. Install the WordPress software on your domain.
2. Select a theme for your website/blog.
3. Add any plugins you need/want.
4. Create your web pages and/or blog posts.

Books have been written about these 4 topics and there is a ton of information available online. But, here is a link to a site I found that does a wonderful job of explaining how to get WordPress installed and how to use it:

As usual, if you still have questions after reviewing the reference links I give you, leave your questions in the comments section below or contact me directly. My contact details are at the top and bottom of this blog post.

Youtube & Social Media Accounts

My system proposes that people create blog and/or video content and promote that content using social media platforms. We will discuss in future posts what kinds of content your should be creating and how to promote your blog posts/videos.

The most popular social media sites today are Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Some will include Pinterest and Google+ on that list I have not used Pinterest and Google has announced the retirement of Google+

I will assume that you already have or you know how to create accounts for FB, Twitter and Instagram.

Here is a link to a site that explains how to create a new Youtube account/channel:

Lead Magnet (s)

The backbone of my marketing system is building a responsive email marketing list and then developing strong, trusting relationships with the people on your list. The trick of course is getting people to join your list in the first place…..which is where lead magnets come in.

A lead magnet is an offer, usually a free eBook or video, that entices people to give you their name and email address in exchange for the additional content you are offering. I use two forms of lead magnets in all of my blog posts and videos.

First, I believe that the content I write offers a lot of value for free, without a constant barrage of selling, selling, selling. I believe that the value speaks for itself and will cause some people to subscribe to my list so they will continue to receive the content I produce. So, I always put a subscribe option towards the end of every blog post like this (subscribe yourself to see how it works):

Of course, Youtube already has a subscribe function built in so all you need to do is remind visitors to subscribe to your Youtube channel in every video. More on that in the future.

The second form of lead magnet I use is a free ebook titled “$10K Blueprint” that provides an excellent overview of the network marketing process. I initially considered selling the ebook but after I purchased it, I found that it is an excellent overview document, but it lacks the detail I feel is needed so, I decided to give the ebook away for free and I decided to write this series of articles to provide the level of detail that is missing in the ebook.

Here is how I do that using….

Squeeze Page(s)

I use a “squeeze page” (also known as a lead capture page) to capture peoples email addresses in exchange for the free download of the “$10K Blueprint” ebook.  The process would look like this in one of my blog posts:

Get my free ebook entitled “$10K Blueprint” where we explain how anyone can start earning $10K per month in 90 days or less… here to download your free copy.

If you click on the link above you will see the squeeze page I created to capture your name and email address. If you enter your name and email address and click the “Send It To Me” button on the squeeze page, you will receive a copy of the ebook yourself.

As I told you above, my primary business is All In One Profits (AIOP). AIOP not only provides web hosting services, they also provide a Squeeze Page builder where you can collect peoples email addresses for your list. And, below you will note we also provide professional Autoresponder software, Link tracking, and much more…..all for the one low monthly price of $11.50/month.

This will save most Network Marketers money every month – and we have an excellent affiliate program and compensation plan to boot.

Autoresponder Software

Once you have a few peoples names and email addresses in your list, you will want to use email marketing to build strong, trusting relationships with them. We will talk about how to to this in a future post. But, what you need be able to do email marketing is Autoresponder software.

Here is a link to a website that does an excellent job of explaining what autoresponders are and how they work:

The current price for Autoresponder software is in the $20/month range (or more). All In One Profits has professional Autoresponder software included  in the $11.50 monthly fee.

With an Autoresponder you can create a series of email messages that will be sent, in order, to every person who joins your list. Let’s say you create a series of 7 email messages to be sent to every list member…..the first email will be sent automatically as soon as the list member signs up and each of the 6 remaining messages will be sent every two days there after (or whatever interval you want).

Again, we will talk a lot more about collecting email addresses and following up via email marketing in future posts because building a responsive list and using email marketing to build relationships with your list members is absolutely critical to your success.

Link Tracking

The final tool I want to describe is Link Tracking. With link tracking you use a special link to send people to various web pages or blog posts and the link tracker tells you how many people actually clicked on that link each day. This will help you decide which content or offers are getting clicks and how many.

All In One Profits (AIOP) has link tracking included in the basic  $11.50/month membership fee.

So, this was a lot of information. You may need to read and reread this post a few times to digest everything included on this page. I do hope this  information has been of value to you and helped you understand the tools you will need to acquire/setup to be ready to do professional Network Marketing.

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