Network Marketing Success Tip #2 – Find A Great Mentor


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Hi.  I’m Don Merrill and I am a network marketer just like you.  I like to produce videos that  help other business builders become more successful online marketers.  The subject of today’s video is:  Find a Great Mentor.

There are a lot of excellent business opportunities out there, but your business opportunity is not going to market itself… will likely need some help.  When you find a program you are excited about, you need to take the time to find a sponsor that excites you as much as the program does.

A good sponsor is someone you like and you trust, who can help you get through the many learning experiences you will face, and who will take the time to brainstorm ideas with you for promoting your product or service.

A sponsor may not be able to tell you exactly what to do or exactly how to do it to be successful.  But they should be knowledgeable of online marketing methods, be able to lead you through your own learning process by answering many of your questions and pointing you to places where you can do additional research when needed.  Most importantly, s/he must be compassionate and able to support you when the frustrations of online marketing get you down…..which they will from time to time.

My advice is, once you find a program you are interested in, look around (Google and YouTube) and find several people who are already in that program who could be your sponsor/mentor.  Tell them you are interested but you have a few questions and invite them to have a phone conversation with you.

Have a couple of general program related questions ready to get started then ask them questions about themselves.

Where do they live?

Are they married?  Do they have children?

What is their day job?

How long have they been with the program you are interested in?

What do they like best about it?  What do they like least about it?

Which online marketing strategies do they use/recommend?

Questions like these will tell you a lot about the person and help you decide if they are a good sponsor for you.

Do not ask them how much money they make in this business.  It’s really none of your business how much money they make.  Besides, regardless what they say you will likely think it is too much or too little.  Besides, would you go up to any other stranger and ask them how much money they make?

Also, do not expect your prospective mentor to be able to tell you exactly what to do to be successful.  For example, I primarily use blogging and video marketing to promote my business.  I can tell you how I do blogging and video marketing but telling you how to do that is kind of like telling a small child how to ride a bike.  Balance is a skill each child has to learn for themselves.  Marketing is a set of skills you are going to have to learn for yourself.

And, don’t expect them to be able to tell you how long it will take for you to be successful.  Each person will find success in their own time.  There are too many variables in network marketing for anyone to predict how long it will take you to achieve whatever you define as success.  I can tell you it won’t be fast or easy…..but if you stay with it, it will come.

Anyway, I think that finding a great sponsor may be more important than finding a great business opportunity.  There are a lot of really good business opportunities out there but great sponsors are much harder to find.

That’s it for now.  If you have any questions please write them in the comments below and I will get you the answer(s) asap.  Or, if you want to discuss any aspect of Network Marketing just give me a call or email me.

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