Network Marketing Success Tip #4  –  Define Your Network Marketing Strategy


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Unfortunately, there are too many network marketing businesses that try to convince people that ‘the business or product sells itself.’  That leads people to form the incorrect expectation that it is easy to make money in online marketing.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  I spent years following that dream, jumping from one business/program to another, and it wasn’t until I realized that I would never be successful until I learned how to do “marketing!”  Now I spend a portion of each day studying network marketing techniques that interest me trying to learn even one small thing that will help me be just a little bit better each day in my marketing.

My primary network marketing strategy is video marketing, backed up with  blogging.  By that I mean that I turn almost every video into a blog post because it seems to me it is easier to get people to visit a blog post.  Prior to making each video I do keyword research looking for low competition keywords that might make a good topic for a video/blog post.  I also spend time working on the “title” of the video, the description, and the tags for each video, the established keys to success on YouTube.

But, I don’t just create videos and blog posts and sit back and wait for success to find me…..that would take a long time.  I post links to my videos and blog posts on social media (and other) sites.  Here are some other things I do:

  1.  I brand myself in every video/blog post I produce by having my picture and contact info readily visible every time I share anything.  You likely saw that wherever you found the link to this post.
  2.  I provide information that is useful to my target market (a subset of network marketers)…..information that any network marketer can benefit from right away, no matter which online business or program they are promoting.

Over time, as people get to know me and they benefit from the information I am sharing, some of them will want to work closer with me and will join my online business.

I don’t even want most people to join my team.  I go out of my way to discourage people who think that network “marketing” is easy because it isn’t.   I am specifically looking for those few people who realize that they have to learn before they will profit, and who are willing to put in the time and effort that is required to be successful.

3.  I also use list building/email marketing but that is secondary to my primary marketing efforts listed above.

4.  And, I am very big on relationship marketing.  I invite people to call me or email me with any questions they may have.  It takes a while for them to lower their defense shields but when they do call or write to me that is relationship marketing at its finest.  I will work with anyone on any network marketing topic without trying to sell them anything.  When people are ready, they ask me about my business.

So, what is your network marketing strategy going to be?  That will take some time and effort to figure out but without your marketing strategy being well defined you are going to spin your wheels forever.

If you would like some help, feel free to give me a call or send me an email.  I love talking about network marketing.

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