Communication Skills for Network Marketers


In a previous blog post I suggested that the quickest way to success in Network Marketing is to seek out conversations and develop relationships with other online marketers.

How you communicate with those people you connect with is super important and is the subject of this post.

Communication Rule #1:

Ask good questions, then shut up and listen!  Really listen to what they say.  You will learn everything you want to know.

There are two groups of questions you should focus on when talking to another network marketer:

  1.  Questions about them, their family, their job, their hobbies, etc.
  2.  Questions about their business (more on that later).

If you met someone at a party (and your weren’t trying to recruit them) I would still advise you to ask questions about them and shut up and listen.  That is how we develop relationships in the real world.

Be more interested, than interesting.

If you meet someone and they immediately tell you everything you really didn’t want to know about them or their business, how does that make you feel?

Face it, what we all want to talk about is ourselves!  Ask the right questions and people will tell you exactly what you want to know:  are they a good fit for your business and are they open to looking at a new opportunity?

If they ask you a question answer it politely (and briefly) and come back with another question for them.  You want people talking about themselves as much as possible.  With practice this becomes easier and you will get better at it.

Not everyone is a good fit for your business.  Some are and that is wonderful when it happens, some are not but they could become online friends over time, and a few will be people you want to get away from and never contact again.  Asking questions about them, their lives, their business, will help you work this out.

Once you have gotten a good feel for their personality it is time to ask them about their business, how they market their business, what is working for them, etc.

A.  You will learn a lot by asking these kinds of questions and they might too.

B.  You will be able to decide if they are open to learning about your business.

If they are not open to joining your business right away no problem.  It is a sad fact that most Network Marketers jump from one business to another every couple of months, looking for the goose that lays the golden egg.

That doesn’t exist but, if you build a good relationship with them and you maintain contact with them they could very well come back and be interested in joining your business in the future.

The best way to do that would be to have them join your email list, assuming you have an email list and assuming you publish high quality content that other network marketers will find interesting and of value.

I do this by using a blog post I wrote that would be of interest to them.  I tell them I think they will enjoy the blog post and I ask them if I can send them a link to the post.  If they agree I also tell them to join my list so they will receive my weekly newsletter which provides my future posts and other information of interest to internet marketers.  For example:

You might enjoy reading my recent blog post:  Network Marketing – How I Do That.  While you are there be sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter so you receive all the valuable content I provide in the future.

My final point is: resist promoting your business until they ask you what business you are in, and then don’t over promote it.  Have you ever noticed that the most successful gurus you see online make it not obvious what their primary business is?  This is intentional.  We want people coming to us asking us if they can join our business rather than us chasing them with an abundance of selling, selling, selling.

I hope this helps you communicate better with MLM prospects you meet online.  If you have feedback please enter it in the comments section below.

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