Network Marketing Success Tip #3  –  Become A Master Marketer


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I consider each  of us to be “master marketers” in training.  Some of us have learned more than others and some of us have been more successful than others but becoming a “master marketer” is a never ending series of learning opportunities for us all.

For example, I could explain in some detail to a 16 year old exactly how to drive a car.  But until they get behind the wheel, drive a bit, face a few challenges, and gain experience they won’t feel confident driving.

Internet marketing is very similar.  I can tell you that video marketing is a great way to promote your business and I can tell you some of the ways I use videos to promote my business but until you actually start making videos and try to get people to watch them you will not feel confident as a video marketer.

Just making your first video can be a daunting experience but you will learn a lot in the process.  By the time you have produced 5  to 10 videos you will have gained enough experience and learned enough to help you feel much more confident.  Does that mean you will now be at a point when every video you produce will be a winner?  Absolutely not….but some will.  The more videos you produce, the more winners you will have and the smarter and more confident you will be.

These are some of the tools and skills you can attempt to dominate on your way to becoming a Master Marketer:








Email marketing

Article Marketing

Video Marketing



Learn as much as you can about network marketing as quickly as you can…..and never stop learning.  Talk to your mentor(s), read books, research network marketing topics online.

Becoming a master marketer is a never ending learning process.

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