Attitude Is Everything In Network Marketing


Video script:

Hi, my name is Don Merrill and I am a network marketer just like you.

This video is the first in a series of “value added” videos I will produce and my goal with these videos is to help you and other internet marketers build the Money Machine of your Dreams, regardless which online program you have chosen to promote.

I plan to discuss just about every topic there is related to successful network marketing.  To see the full series of videos be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube channel and click on the bell to be notified when I release new videos.

So,  the topic of today’s video is:   Attitude is Everything!

What is an attitude?  I define it as “how you deal with the various challenges that life, and network marketing present to you.

I know, you are probably sick and tired of hearing about positive mental attitude.  But, this is important stuff because, the people who succeed in any endeavor are the people who can deal with life’s challenges, deal with them, and move forward fast.

This reminds me of Thomas Edison… of the most successful inventors of all time.  If you look at the picture on your screen, he says…..

Now that is a positive attitude.  I doubt any of us has faced 700 – 1,000 failures in pursuit of online marketing success.

So let’s talk about a few of the challenges we face as network marketers.

Suppose that a few weeks ago you recruited a new team member.  They were all excited about your wonderful business opportunity and you just knew they were going to go out there and set the world on fire.

Fast forward to today and you have not seen or heard from them again.  The probably ran a few Traffic Exchange or Safelist ads, didn’t get any results, and they have likely moved on to the next shiny object.

It happens.  I myself jumped from one program to another for several years looking for the program that “works.”

The bad news of course is that there is no business that works.  We have to do the work.  We have to make it work.  And that takes time, effort, and learning.

I define learning as trying something, if it works well I do more of it.  If it doesn’t work well I stop doing it, try to learn from it, improve your skills, and move forward and keep advertising your product/service.

Or, let’s say you came up with a great idea for an ad for your business.  You are sure it is going to attract a lot of people into your business, but, what if your ad flops?

Are you going to get angry, decide this business doesn’t work, and quit?  Or, are you going to try to figure out why the ad didn’t work, make a better ad, and keep moving forward?  Maybe the ad you created sucked.  Maybe the platform where you placed the ad sucked.  Something was wrong……so fix it and keep moving forward.  It wasn’t your business that didn’t work, it was the ad that didn’t work, and you created the ad.

Success only comes to those who do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to be successful.

How you deal with all the frustrations we face in network marketing will be the key determining factor in building a profitable network marketing business.

Remember, this is a numbers game.  You have to share your offer with a lot of people in hopes that some of them will actually pay attention to your offer.  Hoping that a few of those people will get excited and join your business.  And, hoping a few of those people will actually take action.  And hoping that a few of those people will take enough action, for a long enough period of time, to become successful.

How long will that take?  I will be doing a separate video on that son, but the short answer is it will take as long as it takes.  How much time do you have to work on your business each week?  Can you invest any money in paid advertising?  How knowlegable are you about internet marketing?  How comfortable are you talking to new prospects and new team members?

Things like this are the variables that will determine how long it takes you to be successful.  And, that is another point… do you define success in network marketing?

Just know this, it is going to take longer than you hoped and it will be more difficult and frustrating than you expected before you reach any level of “success.”  We need to anticipate there will be challenges, deal with those challenges and constantly seek to move forward by improving our marketing skills.

I assure you that bouncing from one program to another looking for the “one that works” is not the answer.

I hope this video has given you some interesting points to ponder regarding your business and how to move forward from where you are now to where you want to be.

Thanks for watching this video.

I hope it provided real value for you.

Until next time this is Don Merrill, out here!

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