Are You Building an Email List?


If you are not building an email list then you probably will never be successful with internet marketing.  You have heard this before, right?

If you do any research at all into the subject of successful network marketing everyone tells you that you have to build a list, right?

Then why aren’t you building a list, developing relationships with your list, and marketing to your list?

Probably because that sounds too much like work?

What most people are looking for is a program that will make them rich, quickly, and with no effort.

Those kinds of programs are everywhere on the internet. Go ahead and give them a try, and again…..and again.  Then when you finally figure out that building a profitable business takes time and effort, come back here and read this article with your serious hat on.

What is the value of having a list of like minded individuals? Most people will tell you that your list is worth $1 per list member per month.

I don’t know about that. I am not an affiliate marketer and I don’t have a lot of products I am trying to sell.

No, I am trying to attract people who are trying to build a multi-level marketing business. The articles I write on my blog are intended to help attract those kinds of people.

Then if they join my list I send them a weekly newsletter that contains links to my latest blog posts plus any other information I have found during the week that would be of interest to network marketers.

Check it out for yourself:

As the weeks go by my subscribers continue to receive valuable marketing information from me and an occasional (low key) offer to join my team. As people get to know me and to trust me some of them join my team.

As people join my marketing team I use the same articles (lessons) to train them to build their own Money Machine.

Here are the rules (and why this takes time):

A. You have to get a lot of people to visit your blog and read one or two articles to get just a few to subscribe.

B. You have to get a lot of people to subscribe to your blog to get just a few who will join your marketing team.

C. You have to get a lot of people to join your marketing team to find the few who are serious and will actually build a business.

I call those the Three Funnels of Network Marketing. You have to find a lot of people who want something and then filter out those that are not serious to find the few who are willing to do whatever is necessary to build a business.

If you are serious about building an online business you might enjoy reading my article “Getting Ready for Network Marketing – Tools & Setup

You also might get value from watching our webinar how you can create a Money Machine that pumps out ever increasing amounts of income on autopilot.  Click here to view the webinar.

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