The Story – May 26, 2019: What Is Memorial Day

From the desk of Don Merrill:

In the United States, we will be celebrating Memorial Day tomorrow, May 27, 2019 (the last Monday in May).  The origins of Memorial Day (or Decoration Day as it was originally known), are unclear.  The earliest references to Decoration Day appeared shortly after the end of the Civil War as various communities selected a day in early spring to honor their fallen heros by decorating their graves with flowers and flags.

Did you know that more than 600,000 people died in the Civil War?  That was by far the deadliest war in U.S. history.  By contrast, in WWI the U.S. suffered 126,000 military deaths, in WWII the U.S. suffered 407,000 losses, in the Korean War we suffered 33,686 battle deaths, in the Viet Nam war we had 57,000 military deaths, the Iraq war caused 4,497 military fallen, and in Afghanistan we have had 2,216 deaths so far.  These numbers are approximate and do vary (widely) by source. ......(Read more)

The Story – May 24, 2019: The Starlink Project

From the desk of Don Merrill:

Did you catch the Starlink launch last nght?  If not, no problem, I have it here for you on video.  Starlink is a satellite development project underway by American company SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk. 

The goal of the Starlink project is to eventually place 12,000 satellites (built by SpaceX) into space to meet what Elon Musk says is a ‘significant unmet demand for low-cost global broadband capabilities.’  SpaceX intends to provide broadband internet connectivity to underserved areas of the planet, as well as provide competitively-priced service to urban areas. ......(Read more)

The Story – May23, 2019: Toy Story 4 Is Coming Soon

From the desk of Don Merrill:

Toy Story 4 will arrive in U.S. theaters starting June 21.  In anticipation of that I invite you to watch the official trailer (#2) now:

You may also enjoy reading this article:  “Toy Story 4 Might Have The Most Pixar Easter Eggs Ever.”  I wasn’t 100% sure I knew what an “Easter Egg” is so I looked it up.  According to Wikipedia (my source of all knowledge), an Easter Egg is defined as:

“an intentional inside joke, hidden message or image, or secret feature of a work.” ......(Read more)

The Story – May 22, 2019: The Voice & Maelyn Jarmon

From the desk of Don Merrill:

Well, Maelyn Jarmon won The Voice championship last night.  She was not my first choice but I guess a lot of people disagreed with me.  I do agree that she sings beautifully.  Here was her last solo performance Monday night singing  Lenard Cohen’s “Hallelujah:”

Beautiful, right?  And, then last night she sang “Angel” with Sarah McLachlan:

And, just in case you mised it, here is the video of Taylor Swift performing “Me!” (featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco): ......(Read more)

The Story – May 21, 2019: The Voice & Taylor Swift

From the desk of Don Merrill:

Tonight is the conclusion of The Voice on NBC.  The music world is buzzing with predictions of which of the four finalists will be crowned the champion.  The finalists are:  Maelyn Jarmon (team John Legend), Dexter Roberts (team Blake Shelton), Andrew Sevener (team Blake), and Gyth Rigdon (team Blake).

I have no idea who will win but this guy thinks he knows.

Perhaps even more excitment is being generated because Brendon Urie and Taylor Swift will be singing their collaborative single, “Me” tonight.  Here they are performing the song at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards show: ......(Read more)

The Story – May 18, 2019: Madonna Update

From the desk of Don Merrill:

On April 14, 2019, Madonna revealed that Madame X would be the title of her upcoming fourteenth studio album.  The first single, a collaboration with Colombian singer Maluma called “Medellín“, was released on April 17.

You may have seen her and Maluma (why does everyone only have one name now) perform Medellín at this years Billboard Music Awards a couple of weeks ago.  If not, no worries, I recorded it on my smart phone for you:

Not bad for a 60 year old woman, huh? ......(Read more)

The Story – May 17, 2019: Andrea Bocelli

From the desk of Don Merrill:

Tickets are on sale now for “An Extraordinary Evening with Andrea Bocelli” at Shakespeare Ranch, a private Lake Tahoe estate in Glenbrook, Nev., on Thursday, June 20 to benefit Keep Memory Alive, the Andrea Bocelli Foundation and the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Tickets are $10,000 per person and can be purchased at I hope to see you there.

Can’t make the Keep Memory Alive event?  No problem, here is a list of other places he will be performing:  Andrea Bocelli Tour Dates. ......(Read more)

The Story – May 15, 2019: Charlotte & Jonathan

From the desk of Don Merrill:

Do you remember when Susan Boyle came out and shocked everyone with her voice?   Can you believe that was over 10 years ago?  By the way, she didn’t win Britains Got Talent that year.  She came in second to a dance troup called Diversity.

Well, it happened again in early 2012.  A duo billed as Charlotte Jaconelli and Jonathan Antoine came on the show and completely leveled everyone singing “The Prayer.”

Here is a look back at that amazing performance: ......(Read more)

The Story – May 14, 2019: RIP Doris Day & Tim Conway

From the desk of Don Merrill:

As I am sure you have heard, Doris Day died yesterday and Tim Conway passed today.  Below is my tribute to each of them.

I don’t know what your most memorable Doris Day song is.  Mine is Que Sera Sera.  This clip is from the movie “The Man Who Knew Too Much” with Jimmy Stewart:

Tim Conway of course became famous on the Carol Burnett show.
There were many funny (unscripted) moments on that show. Here
is the one I remember most:

And yes, you heard it right. Mama got a little bit ugly at the end.  Her question at the end of the outtake became famous in it’s own right. ......(Read more)

The Story – May 10, 2019: Josh Groban

From the desk of Don Merrill:

By now, you should be as impressed as I am how much David Foster has figured into the lives and careers of many of the most famous performers of our time.

Well, here we go again…

David Foster was working with Celine Dion in preparation for the 41st Annual Grammy Awards show in early 1999.  Celine was supposed to sing “The Prayer,” as a duet, with Andrea Bocelli.

Celine Dion has said that “if God would have a singing voice, he must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli,” and David Foster often describes Bocelli’s voice as the most beautiful in the world. ......(Read more)