Network Marketing Success Tip #5  –  Define A Daily Action Plan


So far in this series we have covered a number of Tips for Network Marketing success:

  • Today’s we will look at why you need a Daily Action Plan.

    I have weekly, monthly and annual goals for my business.  I use my daily action plan to help me stay on track to achieve those short, medium, & long term goals.

    My primary goal is to reach a specific, higher level of income in 2019.  To reach that level of income I know that I have to refer a certain number of new affiliates during the year.  To achieve that goal, I know I have to refer a certain number of new affiliates each month through my own efforts or through the efforts of my downline team members. ......(Read more)

Network Marketing Success Tip #4  –  Define Your Network Marketing Strategy


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Unfortunately, there are too many network marketing businesses that try to convince people that ‘the business or product sells itself.’  That leads people to form the incorrect expectation that it is easy to make money in online marketing.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  I spent years following that dream, jumping from one business/program to another, and it wasn’t until I realized that I would never be successful until I learned how to do “marketing!”  Now I spend a portion of each day studying network marketing techniques that interest me trying to learn even one small thing that will help me be just a little bit better each day in my marketing. ......(Read more)

The Right Way To Sell On YouTube

My goal in my videos is to share information that I think will help other network marketers grow their online business bigger and faster.  This tip isn’t directly from me but I think you are going to love it.

Two days ago I ran across an outstanding video by a fellow named Tim Schmoyer who runs a YouTube channel called Video Creators.  He has almost a half million subscribers so I guess he puts out pretty good stuff.

Recently he published a video called “How to Sell on YouTube Without Killing Your Channel” and it is fantastic!  In it he starts off by saying that if you do nothing but put out videos that try to sell, sell, sell, your channel won’t grow, you won’t get many subscribers, and you won’t make much money. ......(Read more)

Network Marketing Success Tip #3  –  Become A Master Marketer


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I consider each  of us to be “master marketers” in training.  Some of us have learned more than others and some of us have been more successful than others but becoming a “master marketer” is a never ending series of learning opportunities for us all.

For example, I could explain in some detail to a 16 year old exactly how to drive a car.  But until they get behind the wheel, drive a bit, face a few challenges, and gain experience they won’t feel confident driving.

Internet marketing is very similar.  I can tell you that video marketing is a great way to promote your business and I can tell you some of the ways I use videos to promote my business but until you actually start making videos and try to get people to watch them you will not feel confident as a video marketer. ......(Read more)

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Network Marketing Success Tip #2 – Find A Great Mentor


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Hi.  I’m Don Merrill and I am a network marketer just like you.  I like to produce videos that  help other business builders become more successful online marketers.  The subject of today’s video is:  Find a Great Mentor.

There are a lot of excellent business opportunities out there, but your business opportunity is not going to market itself… will likely need some help.  When you find a program you are excited about, you need to take the time to find a sponsor that excites you as much as the program does.

A good sponsor is someone you like and you trust, who can help you get through the many learning experiences you will face, and who will take the time to brainstorm ideas with you for promoting your product or service. ......(Read more)

Network Marketing Success Tip #1 – Set Realistic Expectations


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This may be the most important tip that you and I (and you and your downline) ever discuss.  Too many people jump from one business to another looking for “the one that works.”

This jumping from one program to another is directly related to them having the unrealistic expectation that all they have to do is run a few ads for their wonderful program, that everyone will see their ad and “get it,” and swarms of people will quickly join them in their business.

I have some bad news for them – it don’t work that way.  When we are building a business we can’t expect the business to work!  We have to do the work.  WE have to MAKE the business work.  And we know that is going to be harder than we think it will and it will take much longer than we hope it will. ......(Read more)